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What to Take to a Summer Party

Friends in a yacht

The best way to seek relief from this summer heat is to dive into a cool pool!  However, depending on the situation, you may want to rethink the new Brazilian thong bikini before you head to your boss’s house for a barbecue.  Here is a quick rundown of what to take to a pool or outdoor party, based on the circumstance.

  • Family – Your family is unconditional and luckily your career path is not affected by a poor choice at the family gathering. That said, choose wisely.  A modest swimsuit with a child-friendly cover-up is always a safe bet.
  • Friends – Judge this one by your friends! While we aren’t proposing that you show up looking exactly like your hostess, if they tend to wear sporty one-piece bathing suits for a lively game of water volleyball, you probably want to blend in rather than stand out.
  • Coworkers – Conservative, conservative, conservative. I don’t know if I would ever get into a swimsuit in front of my boss, but that’s just me and my boss.  A cute sundress or a modest pair of shorts and summery top would be more than appropriate.
  • New Group – Better safe than sorry. A stylish tankini looks great no matter what, and all of your ‘essentials’ are covered!  And don’t be the first into the pool.

And remember, whenever you are headed to someone else’s house, it is always a good bet to at least offer to contribute to the food and/or alcohol.  And if you will be outside, wear and take sunscreen!  I also like to throw in my own towel so that I am not telling the host I expect poolside service, and I also include a dry set of clothes in case I get tired of the chlorine smell.

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