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Dressing for Your Body Shape: Column

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As we have learned, the Column body shape (also known as the ruler) is characterized by little to no waist definition, with the shoulders, bust, and hips being mostly equal.  There are numerous ways to flatter and accentuate the positives of this particular shape while minimizing the “less favored” aspects.

  • The overall goal for a column-shaped figure is to build the illusion of curves through layering, creating roundness at the neckline and leg line, and choosing high or low waist styles. This body shape tends to be based on straight lines, so curves and waist definition are key.
  • Color – Try to avoid the monochromatic look; it can emphasize the length of your figure. Boxy jackets can emphasize the straight lines while hiding the slender torso; cropped tops will throw off the ratio of your torso to your legs.  Dropped waists will have the opposite effect; shortening your legs and lengthening your torso.  Using different blocks of color on the top and bottom can visually break up the length of your torso.
  • Shapes – Ruffles, cowl necks, turtlenecks, and scoop necks are great for creating roundness and drawing attention to the center of your figure. Flared cuffs and loose sleeves also help create volume and softness.  It is also good to shorten a lengthy top half with an empire waist or a wrap top.  Flared slacks and A-line skirts add shape and curve to the lower half of your body.
  • Accessories – Highlighting the waist is very important to breaking up the straight lines of this particular body shape. Thin belts, wide belts, single-button jackets, and gathered blouses all help create the illusion of a waist.

Just remember that we are all shaped as we are supposed to be, and there are flattering styles for everyone!

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