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Flower Crowns During Music Festivals

Flower crowns have been a thing in the fashion scene lately. They add up an instantly feminine look and can be worn to match just about any outfit depending on the size as well as color of the flowers used. They can also be made from faux flower pieces or real flowers if you have a good source of fresh blooms. These pieces can really make you look like a gypsy or a bohemian fashionista!

Since music festivals happen during the spring or summer, your clothing options should match the weather and event you’ll be going to. You ought to dress comfortably, but you shouldn’t let your fashion statement suffer. This is where flower crowns come in. I am always reminded of the years when gypsies would go around places with their “flower power” and peace loving aura going on when I see flower crowns. Today, flower crowns are worn by just about any lady who would like to look like an authentic boho chic or hipster in music festivals.

They are currently hot items and not a lot of stores offer them, so if you want to be “in” by having a flower crown to wear to that music festival, you can consider making one for yourself! I personally think that flower crowns are still highly desirable items and that wearing them won’t dampen your fashion statement. Since they can be made from either natural or faux materials which can be reused, flower crowns can definitely glam up your look in a soft and highly feminine way!

Say you’re wearing a tank top and rugged denim shorts. Add a flower crown to that look and you’d immediately see a hipster effect. You can also pair your flower crown with dresses, and you can wear them whether your hair is done in an up do or left down. The size of your flower crown may range from just a slender piece to a more robust crown depending on how daring you want to be. Don’t be scared to try this out and craft flower crowns of your own. I think that with some experimenting, you’ll surely be able to rock it!

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