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Miranda Kerr’s Foray into Skincare with KORA Organics

I love organic products and believe in the idea that going natural when it comes to beauty and skin care is much better than depending on chemical-based products with ingredients I can’t even pronounce. Just recently, Miranda Kerr launched KORA Organics and I just think it’s a brilliant range of skincare products which makes use of organic ingredients. I love her a lot already – with her slim overall physique and a face that’s hard not to admire, her move to develop her own range of skincare products with KORA Organics made me admire her even more.

What’s great about this is that she’s not just the face of KORA Organics, she actually became a qualified holistic health practitioner for this endeavor. All of the products used for KORA Organics are organic, vegan, and non-toxic. According to Miranda herself, she became aware of the chemicals used in skincare products and that she wanted to find something which is organic and truly effective. However, she was not able to find anything that was to her liking so she decided to make her own range. She developed it hand in hand with her organic pharmacist and she spent years trying out the formulas herself until she reached the point where she was fully satisfied with the products.

She is the founder and the managing director of her own skincare range and because of it, she is actively engaged in the daily activities of her brand. She has said that since becoming a mother, she has been able to manage her time more efficiently, and that she still spends a good amount of time for her business.

Her products offer a complete range of skincare solutions which can revitalize and bring back life to dull skin. What’s great is that she also offers a simple three-step system! For those looking to save on purchases, she has her beauty packs which are the purse pack, refreshing pack, and deep care pack. You won’t have a hard time finding products which seamlessly work with each other when you decide to try out KORA Organics. If you are, like me, a fan of organic beauty products, this range is a must try!

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