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11 Stunning Non-White Wedding Dresses

Bride in gray dress

When it comes to wedding dresses, the majority of brides dream of nothing but classic white silhouettes for the big day. However, for many of us, white just isn’t to our taste and could therefore never be the color of our dream dress! Just because it’s your wedding day, doesn’t mean you should feel pressure to […]

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Well, one of the most enjoyable things about getting ready for a wedding is the whole excitement of creating the desired look! In fact whether it is your big day or you simply are invited to participate as a guest still there is the big concern of creating an outstanding look! Now, as we all […]

Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2014

After the whole excitement of the proposal comes up the whole planning for the big day and of course among the most important decisions that are needed to be first appears to be your wedding look. Considering how hard it is to choose among the innumerous stunning wedding dresses suggested we decided to make it […]

Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses So Far

Each bride chooses a unique wedding dress and opts for a romantic and classy one. Celebrities wear stunning wedding dresses to express themselves and to look impressive. Find out the best celebrity wedding dresses so far and try them on your wedding day. Such great designers as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier dressed celebrities with […]