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Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Bold, Beautiful Colors!

When we imagine fall we think of leaves falling like confetti in beautiful oranges, reds, yellows and deep browns. We opt for brown boots and burnt orange sweaters reminiscent of Scooby-Doo’s Velma’s style. That’s great, because it’s a classic color scheme and there are many ways to wear it well. But guess what? The usual autumn […]

Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Have Fun in Fur!

Different fur coats for the season

It’s mid-August and Fall 2014 officially starts next week so you know what that means! Soon it’ll be time for scarves, pea coats, stockings and of course, boots–but those are just staple items! The results are in and there are 7 HOT trends that took over Fall 2014’s runways and guess what? I’ll be showing […]

Spicy Summer Trends: Lace & Crochet!

I’m a different kind of shop-aholic. One of my favorite past times between commercials or during my daily lunch break is shopping online. Yes, in 5 minutes, I can scour the e-racks using my Instagram account, @FashionRacks and find the most unique pieces. I literally use Instagram as my online boutique encyclopedia—following only online boutiques or […]

Colors to Have in Your Closet for 2014

Woman choosing between two dresses

Being fashionable also means being in the know when it comes to the latest trends. One such thing you ought to keep your eyes open for is what colors are considered hot in the fashion scene! I love experimenting with colors and I definitely want my 2014 closet to be fresh and fun. Remember that […]

Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2014

Panelled images of wedding dresses with floral motifs

After the whole excitement of the proposal comes up the whole planning for the big day and of course among the most important decisions that are needed to be first appears to be your wedding look. Considering how hard it is to choose among the innumerous stunning wedding dresses suggested we decided to make it […]

The Spring 2014 Trend of Floral Prints

The Spring 2014 Trend of Floral Prints

Graphic patterns bring a modern touch in the spring 2014 trend, no matter whether they meet in ingenuous colors or in converted and reconstructed forms. Without any doubt, floral prints show womanhood and gorgeousness. The trend of floral prints is considered delicate and modern. Moreover, interfering with other eye-catching prints, the spring 2014 trend of […]