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Trend Alert: Drape Pants

Drape pants have been making buzz in the fashion industry yet again. From names like MC Hammer pants to Harem pants, this fashion statement is not even close from being over. You can call it whatever you want, but these pants are definitely here to stay. Drape pants are so versatile; you can use them with a pair of pointed shoes and blazer for that formal and classy look, or you can go with flat shoes and a pair of t-shirt for a more casual look. But there have been a lot of hate in the fashion industry today over these pants. Some people tend to call these pants “ugly.” But what really are the things to consider when wearing these baggy pants?

Guidelines to Consider

Know what your size is, and not what size of the pants is “in.” Buying pants that are actually too small for your size will look like you’re wearing a pair of skinny jeans, while buying something too big for your size will only make you look bulkier.

Consider prints as your best friends. Patterned pants, combined with the draping effect, is perfect if you are trying to hide some imperfections on your bottom part. If you wish to cover up some excess fat spilling from your tummy, then use prints as a way to cover and distract them from looking at your problem areas!

Listen to your body. Know what your measurements are. If you have a pear-shaped body, then these pants are made just for you! They work best at hiding your wide hips, but always make sure that you still give your upper body the attention it needs. To compliment this look, go for tops with wide shoulders to even out the shape of your hips. However, if you are a bit short, you may want to wear a pair of high heels along with these pants. This will give the illusion of having long legs.

Another bonus tip:  If you want to create the illusion of even longer legs, try tucking in your shirt inside the waistline of your pants.

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