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Category Archives: Trends

Radiant Orchid: 2014 Color of the Year

Choose Radiant Orchid as the best color for the coming year. Opt for various tones of purple and use them while decorating your house or creating your holiday makeup. Add this hue to your outfits and look trendy for 2014. Emerald is another great suggestion for the coming year. The designers consider it more impressive […]

Fashion Trends It’s Time to Stop Wearing

One of the most important things that any self-respecting fashionista ought to know is what is considered in and especially what is out of trend. Of course, being a fashionista doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away your beloved outfit just because it’s out of trend, but there are some pieces that are so out of trend […]

Winter 2013-2014 Floral Print Trends

Floral prints are trendy not only for spring but also for winter. Floral prints are able to change the simplest dress into an interesting and eye-catching one. Prints will give a mysterious and a trendy touch to your winter 2013/2014 outfits. Floral prints give warmth and raise your mood in this cold season. Add the […]

Feathers Fashion Trend for Women

Visionary, fantastic and fairy feathers are one of the fall’s fashion trends for women. Feathers are versatile, as you may find outfits made of various types of features: subtle ostrich ferns or glittering jewel-hued male peafowl. Consider that few ornaments may go with this style of dresses. As Emily Sheffield (the editor of Vogue) claims, […]

Women Fashion Trends Men Hate

There are certain women fashion trends that seem absurd to men. You may find out why men hate some fashion items while women adore them. There is a great difference between man’s and woman’s beauty estimations. However, if you have an arrangement with a young man, you had better consider the importance of those fashion […]