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Feathers Fashion Trend for Women

Woman in feathered hat

Visionary, fantastic and fairy feathers are one of the fall’s fashion trends for women. Feathers are versatile, as you may find outfits made of various types of features: subtle ostrich ferns or glittering jewel-hued male peafowl. Consider that few ornaments may go with this style of dresses.

As Emily Sheffield (the editor of Vogue) claims, feathers give a womanish, super elegant and funny touch to your adornment.

There are various ways of wearing feathers fashion trend. You may pull off a feathered skirt with a sleeveless blouse, which will provide you with a glamorous look both for day and for a prom night.

Feathers Fashion Trend for Women

Get your feathers women fashion trend inspiration from Proenza Schouler and Dries Van Noten’s suggestions. Their featured outfits are one of the best options for everyday wearing. Just match your skirt, covered with feathers, with a sleeveless blouse or stylish shirt.

To draw all the attention to your feathers, you had better go for a few number of accessories, no matter whether you are going to an important occasion or not.

To look trendy for this season, you may experiment with full-feathered dresses with delicate embellishments. They may be either above the knee or may touch the ground.

Feathers Fashion Trend for Women

You can see feathers not only on dresses but also on coats. Feel warm and trendy, wearing these models. Designers embellish the edges of the clothes with trendy feathers, which provide you with an eccentric look.

Imagine transparent clothes, embellished with feathers. Your original and extraordinary look will be achieved.

Fall/winter 2013-2014 offers you trendy accessories with feathers. Amaze your friends with feathered bags or shoes. Feathered hats are another fashion trend for women.

Spice up your outfits with the latest trend. Get inspired by the feathers fashion trend for women and create your unique style.

Feathers Fashion Trend for Women

Feathers Fashion Trend for Women

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