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Rock ‘N’ Roll Makeup Tutorial

Rock ‘n’ roll makeup has always been considered trendy and beautiful. You are recommended wearing rock ‘n’ roll makeup for a simple but outstanding look, getting inspired by Versace’s show. To get this look, you should highlight your eyes using black eyeliner and apply false lashes. If you want to create the splendid and exquisite rock ‘n’ roll makeup, you may follow this tutorial.

Prepare Your Skin

This step is very essential while applying any makeup on your skin. After cleaning your face, hydrate it with a moisturizing product or a primer. The latter will make your makeup remain in place all day long.

Foundation on Your Skin

For a perfect look, you should apply foundation on your skin. It is very essential to pick the right shade (it should go with the tone of your skin) and spread it on your face with your fingers or with a makeup brush. You may also apply concealer on your face to hide the imperfections, as it will create another layer.

Highlighting Your Face

To create the rock ‘n’ roll makeup, you should restore the glow of your face. Highlighting will help you achieve it. Use a brush to spread powder on your cheeks and nose.

Highlight Your Cheeks

It’s true that you should accentuate your eyes to get this rock ‘n’ roll makeup. However, you should not forget about your cheeks. Just use a peach blush for your cheeks.

Highlight Your Eyes

To highlight your eyes, you may take two types of eyeliners: liquid or pencil. Just line your lash lines, using pencil eyeliner. Then, apply the liquid liner and accentuate your eyes with a grey shadow together with a little glitter to complete the look.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Take an eyebrow pencil and shape your brows. Opt for a shade, which perfectly goes with your hair color.

Applying Mascara

To finish the rock ‘n’ roll makeup, you should highlight your eyelashes. Apply mascara in two coats or use a special curling tool. To create a dramatic look, you may also opt for false lashes.

Applying Lipstick

You are recommended applying lip balms on your lips, in order not to shift the attention from your eye makeup.

Never avoid wearing rock ‘n’ roll makeup for a gorgeous look. Consider that it is always in the latest trend.

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