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10 Pre-Fall 2014 Fashion Trends to Try Now

Are you excited to find out about the new trends of 2014? Well, how about a sneak peek at the 10 fantastic new pre-fall 2014 fashion trends presented below and getting some new super cool styling ideas? Already interested? Check out!

Pre-Fall Look #1: Night out Look

Ok, the idea of wearing fur sandals is already alarming about a new fashion trend that might become the latest obsession of all fashionistas! In fact we love the way Burberry suggest combining it with a delicate black dress with magnificent detailed designs.

Pre-Fall Look #2: Bohemian

As you can see our beloved designers thought about those of you who can’t imagine their look without boho chic elements and came up with an astonishing suggestion that any young fashionista would love to try!

Pre-Fall Look #3: Color Mix

The idea of mixing bright colors together in order to create an eye-catching stylish look still remains one of the best fashion tricks for 2014! In fact we love this daring combo of red and fuchsia!

Pre-Fall Look #4: Embellished Denim

As you can see the new fashion trends dictate to wear embellished denim. In fact our beloved designers suggest you to balance the look with a simple monochromatic top in order to achieve a harmonic look.

Pre-Fall Look #5: Grey Hues

Grey is a color that is expected to dominate in the runways in 2014. In fact, looks created with both lighter and darker tones of grey just as the one shown in the picture will be considered as the trendiest.

Pre-Fall Look #6: Dressy

Two-tone gowns going to be a must have for this year, so if you have a big event coming up in 2014 start looking for the perfect two-tone gown!

Pre-Fall Look #7: Fur Knit

Fur knits combined with mini-skirts are also expected to hit the top charts in high fashion trends in 2014!

Pre-Fall Look #8: Mixed Prints

Another look that the new high fashion trends of 2014 dictated is the one of mixed prints. And to be more specific the new combination of army prints with flower prints for once again comes to prove the limitless imagination of our beloved designers!

Pre-Fall Look #9: Leather Dress

A hot combo that you can go for whether you want to be dressed up or dressed down!

Pre-Fall Look #10: The Fierce Look

Great news for those of you who love experimenting with daring looks! Ok my dear fashionistas simply take a look at the eye-catching combo and see how easily you can create a bold, fierce look that will make you steal the spotlight while rocking one of the hottest fashion trends!

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