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Hottest Hair Color of 2014

Are you interested to find out what has been announced as the hottest hair color trend of 2014? Well, follow reading below and let us inspire you to make a radical change of your image and create the trendiest look for 2014!

Well, before we announce the hottest hair color of 2014 we would like to inform you that highlights and lowlights are getting out of style, while monochromatic hair colors are expected to hit the top charts of fashion and beauty trends. In fact that’s not all. Rainbow colors such as pink, blue, green are also out of trend. So, if you had finally made your decision of taking the risk and going for an eye-catching color such as the ones mentioned above, we are sorry to disappoint you, but it’s too late.

Another thing that we ought to inform you about is the big transition of ombre style trend! For 2014 ombre is expected to be seen with darker roots gradually fading into lighter.

So, now that you know what’s out of trend and what hair color transitions won’t be accepted it is time for us to let you know that the hottest hair color of 2014 is going to be platinum blond! So, whether you were thinking to go for such transition or you were afraid of taking the risk and experimenting with light hues guess what? There is no better time of making such a radical makeover as all kinds of lighter, monochromatic hair colors are considered in for 2014!

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