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100 Ideas to Wear Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Short hairstyles for women flatter not every face shape and style, since mostly you should have very delicate facial features, a small nose, beautiful oval face to wear it with courage and to be sure to look good any time. However, if you feel self-confident enough and you are a charismatic person, short haircuts can be a great option for you too to express your daring character, strong personality and unique style perception. To make your look more gentle and fragile, you just need to go for bangs and the look will completely change its aspect. Short hairstyles with bangs are a great solution for those, who want to shed some extra years from their age, and look more sophisticated and cuter. Below, we suggest 100 creative ideas to wear short hairstyles with bangs with style and to look mesmerizing wherever you go!


There are so many short haircuts for women that you are sure to find the best style for your face shape and facial features by all means. From the iconic pixie cut to short bobs and super-short hair, these styles always look chic and timeless and never go out of trend. The vibrant proof for this is the tendency of many famous celebs going short from long locks: actually, they can serve as the best source of inspiration for those, deciding to get a bold short cut.

Determining the style of the short haircut and the bangs you want to rock isn’t enough for a successful look. No less importance should be given to the hair color shade. To this end, you can try anything from the iconic blonde and brunette shades to vibrant auburn, as well as super-voguish hair highlights and lowlights. The most important factor is to take your skin tone and eye color into consideration, when picking a new hair color for your cropped hair.

Having the right hair color combined with the most suitable short haircut and bang style for you, you are sure to dazzle everyone around! After all, who said that only women with long hair are flattering? Keep in mind that wearing long hair can do anyone, while for stylish short hairstyles with bangs, one needs extra courage and enough self-confidence!


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