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Category Archives: Diet

Foods to Eat for Healthier Nails

Woman with healthy nails eats a strawberry

I once had a roommate whose mother (who happened to be a nurse) would always check her nails when she went home for the holidays to make sure she was eating properly. It turns out you can tell a lot about your diet—or more specifically, what you’re lacking in your diet—by the state of your […]

Food Hack Recipes: Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits

If you love some garlic cheese biscuits, you must have already tried and enjoyed Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I agree that you can’t have just one as they have advertised, and because of the great and savory taste of these biscuits, people have been looking for ways to replicate it at home. According to […]

Quick Lunch Options that Help Shed Weight

It’s hard to continue with your day on an empty stomach. This is why having a filling lunch is important even when you’re on a diet. Depriving yourself of food actually makes you want to eat more. Having a portion of food for lunch can help make the starvation go away. Here are some great […]

Healthy Options: Cheese Sauces vs. Tomato and Vegetable-Based Sauces

I am a great lover of creamy and cheesy sauces, having enjoyed them with abandon during my younger years. However, time has come for me to change my eating habits into something healthier and it is time to say goodbye to such sauces since they really tend to pile on the calories and the fat. […]

Why Whole Wheat Bread is the Better Choice

Whole wheat bread on table

Bread is one of the main ingredients for snacks to go and packed lunch items. It’s filling, easily accessible, and goes well with so many other food items that you can really have a full meal with just some good quality bread. For the health conscious people, however, there’s a battle between white bread and […]

Healthy Options: Baked Turkey or Chicken versus Deli Meats

Assorted deli meat slices on wooden table

Eating healthy is something we all should do for ourselves! Your body will thank you for choosing the right food items you eat. However, I’ve heard a lot of people say that eating healthy is hard especially because healthy food tend to not have flavor. In choosing filling meals and meat cuts for a healthy […]

Adding Greens to your Diet

Salmon salad in white bowl

We’ve always been told to eat plenty of green vegetables since we were kids because of all the nutritional benefits that we can get from it. Now that you’re trying to get fit once again, it’s time to get back to basics and start adding greens into your diet. Here are a few ways for […]