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Adding Greens to your Diet

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We’ve always been told to eat plenty of green vegetables since we were kids because of all the nutritional benefits that we can get from it. Now that you’re trying to get fit once again, it’s time to get back to basics and start adding greens into your diet.

Adding Greens to your Diet

Here are a few ways for you to start greening up your life, starting with your diet:

  • Juicing. If you already know that fresh juice is great for your health, just imagine what it can do for you if you add some greens to it. Look for green juice recipes that you can grab and chug down before starting a busy day. This is a great way not just for your body to absorb all those great nutrients, but for you to start shedding all those toxins in your system as well.
  • Sauté. Greens are easy to sauté in olive oil, adding in a few ingredients that you think would blend well with it. A great way to prepare a healthy meal the quickest way possible, it allows you to experiment a bit and finding out which greens would go well with your usual favorite ingredients, while adding healthy goodness to your usual meals.
  • Puree. Pureeing your favorite greens makes it easy to add into any dish you might be planning to prepare. Light steam your greens of choice and puree it with water or stock until it is completely smooth. Once in this form, it will be easier to add it to stew or soup, or drizzle over any pasta dish. You can even add it to bread dough or add it to your usual scrambled eggs for breakfast.
  • Freeze. Smoothies are great when you have greens in it, adding a lot more nutrients than your usual sweet treat. Chop the greens and make ice cubes out of it, and simply add it to your favorite smoothie to blend the taste in.

With these fabulous ways to add greens to your diet, staying fit and healthy is made so much easier. Find other ways to make everything more interesting by adding greens into almost anything.

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