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Realism: Build a Healthy, Filling Salad

Woman making salad in kitchen

Yes, salads can be a great diet food if you make the right choices. But those choices include making sure that you are getting enough nutrition to keep yourself full until the next meal. Having a salad for lunch does you no good if you end up at the vending machine mid-afternoon because you are […]

Healthy Options: Cheese Sauces vs. Tomato and Vegetable-Based Sauces

I am a great lover of creamy and cheesy sauces, having enjoyed them with abandon during my younger years. However, time has come for me to change my eating habits into something healthier and it is time to say goodbye to such sauces since they really tend to pile on the calories and the fat. […]

Adding Greens to your Diet

Salmon salad in white bowl

We’ve always been told to eat plenty of green vegetables since we were kids because of all the nutritional benefits that we can get from it. Now that you’re trying to get fit once again, it’s time to get back to basics and start adding greens into your diet. Here are a few ways for […]