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Healthy Options: Cheese Sauces vs. Tomato and Vegetable-Based Sauces

I am a great lover of creamy and cheesy sauces, having enjoyed them with abandon during my younger years. However, time has come for me to change my eating habits into something healthier and it is time to say goodbye to such sauces since they really tend to pile on the calories and the fat. I really felt bummed out over the decision but it was either that or pile on the pounds and put myself at risk for weight-related diseases.  Just when I thought I had to say good bye to my favorite pasta dishes, I met a friend who told me about the wonders of tomato and other vegetable-based pasta sauces.

I was astounded and overjoyed; I could once again look forward to quick and delicious pasta dishes without having to worry about getting fat. I know all of you like your cheesy and creamy sauces but if you are trying to eat healthy, you need to say goodbye to them.  I know it pains you, as it has pained me too, but I found a great way to enjoy pasta and not feel guilty about it.

Tomato and Vegetable-Based Sauces

healthy pasta sauces

I like my pasta and now I can enjoy them without feeling too bad about the calories and the fat with tomato and vegetable-based sauces. I have even tried some pasta sauces that are made mostly of avocado! This pasta sauce is made of avocado, garlic, and some olive oil. All you need to do is place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until creamy. Then, you just mix a tablespoon or two of the sauce in some warm pasta of your choice and enjoy. I also add some skinless chicken breasts to the mix for added protein and bulk.

Another vegetable-based pasta sauce that I like requires some olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. It really is so very simple since you just mix lemon juice, chopped garlic, and olive oil in the pasta. To make this yummier, I chop up some black olives, zucchini and then mix it with some freshly cooked pasta for a yummy and healthy dinner that takes minutes to make.

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