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L’Oreal Visilift CC Cream Review

I have always known that in order to make my makeup look its best, I had to start with a good canvas and that meant making sure that my face was always in the very best shape. This is why I invest in tons of skin care products and pay a lot for most them. When BB creams came into the market, I was overjoyed because now I had a foundation of sorts that also benefitted my skin. After the BB creams came the CC creams and boy, was I ever happy!

These CC creams are a lot like BB creams in the sense that they accomplish more than just making my skin look more even. They, in fact, improve the skin. When I first caught wind of CC creams, I was bummed since they were only available in Asia but soon, Western brands caught on and I had so many choices for CC creams.

My Thoughts

There are tons of CC creams in the market. Some of them are from Chanel, Clinique, and Olay to just to name a few but the one I am using now comes from L’Oreal and it is the Visible Lift CC cream. I had extremely high hopes for this product seeing that L’Oreal has a long history of excellence and I wasn’t disappointed.

I got the CC cream in the light/medium shade for about $12.99. This was a bargain compared to other CC creams that cost twice that amount. What I liked most about the product was that it had a broad spectrum sunscreen included and it had a very light coverage. I know some folks might think that is bad but since I always tend to overdo my foundation, I like how this allowed me to build up coverage without ending up looking cake-y. Even after several layers, my skin still had that natural look and it smelled great!

The only thing I didn’t like about this cream is that it could become greasy by mid-morning so I can say that it has very poor oil control. But that is nothing a good blotting paper cannot fix and I can live with it.

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