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Quick Lunch Options that Help Shed Weight

It’s hard to continue with your day on an empty stomach. This is why having a filling lunch is important even when you’re on a diet. Depriving yourself of food actually makes you want to eat more. Having a portion of food for lunch can help make the starvation go away.

Quick Lunch Options that Help Shed Weight

Here are some great lunch options that can help you lose weight:

  • Greek pita pockets – Take a whole-grain pita in half and fill it up with the mixture of half a cup of canned chickpeas, and quarter of a cup each of chopped black olives, chopped red bell pepper, and cucumber. You can add some yogurt when you’ve packed the pita with the filling for some good flavor contrast. Yogurt helps your gut with digesting your food by supplying your system with probiotics! All the veggies used for this recipe also have a good amount of fiber that can help absorb extra fats as well.
  • Your own healthy salad – If you have access to fresh lettuce, nothing beats up whipping your very own salad. Take some romaine or iceberg lettuce and mix it with some cherry tomatoes, some arugula for that kick, a bit of fried or grilled chicken breast cut into small cubes, and maybe just a small dash of cheese. Focus on the greens and it’ll be enough to last you until dinner. Avoid ready-made dressings, especially anything that reads mayonnaise on it. A dash of balsamic vinegar perhaps, or some olive oil would do.
  • Avocado sandwich – Why not try some avocado slices with your whole wheat bread? You can take a thin slice of turkey or chicken and top it off with some thin avocado slices. These fruits can be really filling and you won’t go wrong with taking it out for lunch. Avoid using deli meats that have been processed because those things contain preservatives. As much as possible, go for organic meats and grill them with little to no oil if you can.

Take some time preparing these food items and you won’t regret the beneficial effects they will have on your weight!

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