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Category Archives: Makeup

Beauty Tips and Tricks for Wearing Dark Lipstick Right

If you are used to wearing nude and bright lipsticks, it may be a little hard for you to try dark colors. It may seem frightening and risky to change your lipstick shade completely. However, you should consider that dark lipsticks give you an attractive look. In order to be confident, there are several beauty […]

Best Eye Makeup Options Straight from New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Recently in fashion, stress was on lips and nails, but as seasons pass we can notice a shift towards eye makeup. Here are some eye makeup trends that specialist designers suggest to try for this fall. Trends are for the fall but as they are once seen trend is already on right after the fashion […]

Efficient Beauty Tips for Redheads

Experimenting with various hair colors will give you a fresh look. In order to be a glamorous redhead, you should follow several efficient beauty tips. These tricks will balance your makeup with your hair tone. Consider these efficient beauty tips for redheads and create your faultless look. Take Care of Your Skin and Hair In […]

Common Eye Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making Now

There are some eye makeup mistakes you can notice on others. What you need to know is that every single lady does makeup but not each has professional knowledge for makeup. Here are some common eye makeup mistakes that you might be doing on your face. First of all it is important to remember that […]

Tom Ford Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Considering that the so expected spring season will arrive before we even notice it our beloved labels rushed to come up with brand new makeup collections that promise to take the perception of feminine beauty to whole another level! Among them appears to be the Tom Ford Spring 2014 makeup collection, a new line ready […]

7 Makeup Tutorials to Try in 2014

Starting a new year also means making new important decisions that will change your life into a better and changing your look isn’t less important as having a great look means also having a positive perception of everything. Thus, considering all that we decided to present to you some gorgeous makeup tutorials that will help […]