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Category Archives: Makeup

White Eyeliner Beauty Trend

Interested to find out what’s new in the fashion world? Well, grab a comfortable sit and get ready to explore a brand new beauty trend that will motivate you to create the most outstanding, stylish looks of this year! What’s the whole excitement about? Of course the white eyeliner beauty trend! Being spotted on red […]

How to Choose The Best Colored Mascara For Your Eyes

The great makeup stylist James Vincent tried colored mascara on his assistant Rachel and showed the best way of wearing it. She looked excellent, wearing purple mascara, which went perfectly with her green eyes. However, there are many eye colors and James Vincent informs how to choose the best colored mascara for your eyes. Depending […]

The New Beauty Trend of Tropical Citrus Lips

We are super excited to announce about one of the most fascinating beauty trends that will become one of your biggest motivations to update your winter look! Thus, grab a comfortable seat and get ready to admire the new beauty trend of wearing tropical citrus lips. What we can surely say is that this adorable […]

5 Tips for Getting Cara Delevingne’s Makeup

Cara Delevingne is one of the world-famous models, posing for the biggest fashion campaigns of 2013. Her graceful makeup look is striking and is worth your attention. Grasp your opportunity and have a look at Cara Delevingne’s fabulous makeup looks. Get inspired by the following 5 tips for getting Cara Delevingne’s makeup. Here are the […]

Nude Lips Beauty Trend You’ll Definitely Love

Well, if you are a fashionista, who always dedicates some time to explore the news in fashion world then you’ve probably heard about one of the most popular beauty trends for 2014: the new trend of wearing nude lips. This new beauty trend is something that many of our beloved celebs were already captured showing […]