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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid Before a Big Date

Closeup of model's face

Getting ready for a date is one of the hardest tasks for each lady, as it means putting much effort to look flawless. In fact, there is always the concern of not creating an overwhelming look. Thus, considering some common makeup mistakes that usually are distinguished on a date look, we decided to present to […]

How to Easily Apply Liquid Eyeliner Flawlessly

Model wit deep red lipstick

It is true that the most astounding eyes are achieved due to the liquid eyeliner. However, not everyone dares to apply it. There are many girls and women, who are afraid of making a mistake while using liquid eyeliner. You may get a splendid cat eye makeup with liquid eyeliner. However, you should know that […]

How to Make Foundation Look Natural

Model with bleached eyebrows and pale makeup

To create a natural makeup look is the greatest goal of the stylists. To bring your beauty to perfection may be achieved due to the right makeup application. Foundation is one of the essential products that will help you look natural. Get acquainted with the best ways of achieving the desired natural look. 1.  Look […]

Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

Dealing with a sensitive skin is one of the hardest tasks, as you always have to be careful in order to avoid irritations and breakouts. In fact, usually it seems impossible to avoid unwanted reactions. However, we have some easy makeup tips for sensitive skin types that guarantee to minimize the possibility of any irritation […]

Copying Alexa Chung’s Flawless Cat-Eye Look

Copying Alexa Chung's Flawless Cat-Eye Look

English television presenter and “It Girl” Alexa Chung is a style icon and a trend-setter for many people not only in Britain, but also all over the world. Alexa has won the title of British Style Icon three times in a row at the British Fashion Awards and Emma Hill has even named a Mulberry […]

Easy Ways to Conceal Under Eye Bags

Model with bronze makeup

There may be various reasons of having under eye bags, such as sleeplessness, tension and stress. However, you shouldn’t get disappointed, as there are magical products, which will conceal under eye bags. Get inspired by these easy ways and feel the difference. Conceal Under Eye Bags with Eye Cream and Primer It is one of […]

Best Makeup Tips and Tricks for Brown Eyes

Best Makeup Tips and Tricks for Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed women may highlight their beautiful eyes, going for the best makeup tips and tricks. We have tried to pick up the best of them, which will give extra glow to your eyes. 1.    Wear Metallic Shades Brown eyes are very attractive. Though there are various shades of brown, you may make them outstanding, wearing […]

Vintage Beauty Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Vintage Beauty Tricks You Didn't Know About

We can name several celebrities, who can greatly inspire you to create your vintage beauty. Sophia Loren and Aubrey Hepburn are among them. They inspire you to create your own beauty style, which is unique in its way. Consider these vintage beauty tricks and you will be able to highlight your beautiful features. 1.     Create […]

Extravagant Winter Makeup Trends

WOamnw with dark makeup facing a cat

To have an extravagant makeup in winter is very essential. When it is summer or spring and everything is bright and lively, you don’t need to wear colorful makeup in order to look extravagant. Instead, you try to keep your makeup natural. As for dull and cold winter, you should add some glitter and life […]