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Beginner’s Guide to Wear Red Lips

Wearing matte red lips is a timeless classy beauty trend that is never out of style. In fact, it is an easy trick that helps to achieve a look that has the magical power of attracting everyone’s attention. However, it is hard to wear red lips if you are a beginner, which is why we decided to present to you an easy guide that will teach you how to wear red lips right and achieve a flawless look! Thus, read below and find out!

Which Kind of Product to Choose

One of the most important things that you have to consider before wearing red lips is which kind of red fits the best with your skin tone. Thus, if you have cool skin tone we suggest you to go for a red with blue-purple undertones while for warm skin type red with orange-yellow undertones would be the best choice.

Preparation Process

The very first thing that you have to do before doing anything else is make sure you exfoliate your lips. In fact we suggest you to exfoliate the night before, for better results. Also, before you apply the color go ahead and use a concealer to line the outside part of your lips, blend using your fingers in order to emphasize the contrast between the color of your lips and your skin color.

Application Process

To apply the lipstick on rightly all you have to do is blot your lips together after the application without using any tissue that can ruin the color. Also, another important thing that you have to consider is that the more coats you apply the best will be the results. Moreover to make sure you’ll get the desired long lasting effects go ahead and apply a lip crayon of a nude color or the same color as your lips naturally have as wearing a lip crayon will block the edges of your lips and exclude any chance of having your lipstick running.

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