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How to Choose The Best Colored Mascara For Your Eyes

The great makeup stylist James Vincent tried colored mascara on his assistant Rachel and showed the best way of wearing it. She looked excellent, wearing purple mascara, which went perfectly with her green eyes. However, there are many eye colors and James Vincent informs how to choose the best colored mascara for your eyes.

Depending on your eye color, you should try the best colored mascara in order to create a fantastic makeup.

Change your black mascara and go for colored one, as it will brighten your eyes, and give you a screaming look.

Applying green mascara, you will be able to make your blue eyes look outstanding. The makeup stylist Vincent was in a doubt whether the green-colored mascara will look lovely or not. However, the result was satisfying. Complete your makeup look with a red lipstick and you will look fantastic.

2.  Brown Mascara

Brown mascara is another option of colored mascara. This shade will go perfectly with all eye colors. You may wear this mascara with your bold lipstick color and draw everybody’s attention.

3.  Violet Mascara

Vincent recommends choosing violet mascara as one of the best colored mascara for your eyes. If you have green eyes, the best way to highlight the beautiful shade is applying violet mascara. It will also make your face color look brighter.

4.  Blue Mascara

Vincent recommends applying blue mascara very carefully. It is one of the great ways of brightening your eyes. Apply it close to the roots and lift your lashes. Provide your eyes with dimension. This color will go with almost all eye colors and will suit everyone.

After reading this post, you will be aware on how to choose the best colored mascara for your eyes. Experiment with all shades and opt for the color, which suits your eye color perfectly.

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