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Category Archives: Makeup

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Besides the so expected sunny days that the upcoming spring season will bring there is another reason to be very impatient about March as the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Spring 2014 Makeup Collection is set to be available starting from this March! The label this time is comes up with fancy brand new set of […]

Easy Long-Lasting Makeup Tricks You Didn’t Know About

To wear a long-lasting and perfect makeup, you will have to spend much time on it. Consider that you shouldn’t hurry while creating your makeup, as the result may disappoint you. We will help you find out easy long-lasting makeup tricks you didn’t know about, which are very essential for a faultless look. Exfoliation for […]

Stylish Minimalistic Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

The trendsetter is well aware that geometric eyes give an edgy look, being one of the leading trends of spring 2014. The minimalist cat eye makeup is represented at Zadig and Voltaire fashion show, which an easy and a stylish type of makeup for 2014. If you made up your mind to follow this beautiful […]

MAC Mineralize Glass and Mineralize Rich Lipsticks Spring 2014

Interested to find out what’s new in the fashion world? Well, we are glad to inform you that the new MAC Mineralize Glass and Mineralize Rich Lipstick collection for spring 2014 is set to be released pretty soon! Bringing into the spotlight a stunning line of 12 diverse lip gloss tones and 6 vibrant lipsticks […]

With These Tips and Tricks You Can Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer and Thicker

One may think that it is impossible to make eyelashes look longer and thicker if the eyelashes are short and thin. But in 21st century nothing is impossible. Experiments have proven that short eyelashes can look longer and thin ones thicker by doing some tips and tricks. Here they are. Combing eyelashes: This is one […]

Beauty Alert! Reverse Cat-Eye Makeup Trend

Catch up one of the latest makeup trends of Reverse Cat-Eyes and learn how you can achieve a fierce look that will make you stand out of the crowd! Thus, follow reading below and get a step-by-step guide that will lead you to the desired results of showing off the new Reverse cat-eye makeup trend! […]

Beauty Tips for Girls with a Pale Face

Everyone is different from others. There are differences you may take as disadvantages and suffer all life-long from them. My advice is, lean how to turn your disadvantage into an advantage and never ever care for it again. Here are some questions that pale face girls may ask. What color eye shadow to have? Use […]

Best Fall 2014 Beauty Trends from NYFW Fall 2014

Though each look is unique in its way during the New York Fashion Show fall 2014, we have tried to collect the best fall 2014 beauty trends. Get inspired by them and your fashionable look will be appreciated. 1.  Bold Lipstick Color At Araks Fashion Show, the bold lipstick color was considered one of the […]