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Beauty Alert! Reverse Cat-Eye Makeup Trend

Model with reverse cat-eye makeup

Catch up one of the latest makeup trends of Reverse Cat-Eyes and learn how you can achieve a fierce look that will make you stand out of the crowd! Thus, follow reading below and get a step-by-step guide that will lead you to the desired results of showing off the new Reverse cat-eye makeup trend!

Beauty Alert! Reverse Cat-Eye Makeup Trend

Thus, to do it rightly you have to start by applying a primer using a brush in order to prepare the base. Once you do that go on and apply a moisturizing foundation so you have the needed glowing effect. On the next step apply concealer under the eyes and blend well using your fingers. Now to exclude any chance of looking unnatural or very pale use a light shimmer powder on your cheekbones but be careful to not go «too much».

Now, start working on the eyes. Start drawing a thick line from the outer corner of your eyes, following the natural shape. As for the inner corners we suggest you to go down till you reach the tear duct section. Finally, complete the inner angle of your eyes by drawing the parallel section as well.

Beauty Alert! Reverse Cat-Eye Makeup Trend

Extra Tips to Reach Perfection

Last but not least in order to make this new Reverse cat-eyes makeup of yours to completely correspond to the latest trends we suggest you to not use mascara at all. Now, using some glitter on the lids and brow bone and finishing up the look with a gorgeous lip balm would be the best thing to do in order to reach perfection!

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