With These Tips and Tricks You Can Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer and Thicker

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One may think that it is impossible to make eyelashes look longer and thicker if the eyelashes are short and thin. But in 21st century nothing is impossible. Experiments have proven that short eyelashes can look longer and thin ones thicker by doing some tips and tricks. Here they are.

Combing eyelashes: This is one of the tricks that needs to be done twice during the makeup period. Do comb once before mascara and once after. It helps not to have clumps on eyelashes and provides equally spread, beautiful long and thick eyelashes.

Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer

Use eyelash curler:  Between two combs and before the mascara use eyelash curler to give an alert look to your eyes and to make eyelashes look longer and full.

Mascara wand: While applying mascara take care of how much product the wand of mascara has on it. Get rid of 80% of it as it is going to make your mascara clumpy and messy. All you need is a little bit of access to apply.

Be slow and steady with eyelashes: Being in a hurry can stimulate to apply mascara in an appropriate way. Take some more time to apply mascara carefully, not leaving spots on eyelids and making sure you have applied it right. It needs to touch all the lashes; they should be soft and clean. And also take care of eyelashes not getting messy and clumped.

Use a couple of coats if needed: This is about mascara. During your mascara experience you may have found one mascara is lengthening your eyelashes and another one gives good volume. Don’t hesitate to use two or more coats for a perfect result.

Tight lining:  This is to give an appearance of full mascara with lash line. Usually the tight line is being done with a water proof pencil eye liner. Pencil’s color should match with your mascara color and these both should match with your eye color.

Eyeliner:  With eyeliner you can make the final look for your eyes. It is going to give a more complete and full look, helping your lashes look longer and thicker.

Hope this is going to help you to stay back from eyelashes’ treatments like lash insert etc. which are expensive and waste of time. Go for more natural ways and tricks to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker.

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