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Best Fashion Blogs for College Students

Be it spring, summer, fall or winter students are the ones who need some blogs to go to for their wardrobe inspiration. It is hard for each to find their own inspiration as they are too busy to look for it by their own. When you know what you go for, the task becomes easier. Another important detail is where to go to according to students’ budget. There are few blogs separated from others according to their comprehensive information for students’ wardrobes not forgetting their budget.

COLLEGE FASHION: This is one of the most famous fashion blogs for college students.  The blog is the best when it is being written by students itself. It helps them to follow all new fashion trends on the right budget. Its student wardrobe is chic and fabulous for any girl student.

THE COLLEGE PREPSTER: Having one but wisest behind the blog can change the blog into a Wikipedia. With her wise solutions and options Carly makes students life brighter. Right accessories are always there to fulfill girls’ outfit. Everything there stands on high standards and fashion trends.

COLLEGE FASHIONISTA: One thing is best about this blog that its fashion goes into specific colleges and you can find your own college’s wardrobe according the specifications like weather and climate. You can also find what your classmates wear in this blog itself.

 I SPY DIY: This is another famous blog for the students. If you are found of hand crafts this is the blog for you. It not only shows but also teaches how to create unique accessories and match them with your outfit. It also goes perfect for the students with tight budget. Following this blog you are going to save a lot of money.

CORPORATE FASHIONISTA:  This is a great blog for students to change their outfit according different occasions. Starting with casual outfit and basic uniforms and finishing with business ones, students are following to have a right outfit and still have their own style.

LA PETITE FASHIONISTA: Lauren, the blogger of La Petite Fashionista, has a big student experience and knows all students’ needs. She has a great fashion taste and knows how to make a complete outfit with latest trends including DIY and other accessories.

THE BUDGET BABE:  Students, who want to look like Hollywood Stars but still be on budget, can feel free to use this blog. Here you can find accessories, clothing and other details from your famous ones’ wardrobes.

Do find your own blog from above and dress up appropriately and accordingly. Fashion runs fast, don’t stay back!

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