Beauty Tips for Girls with a Pale Face

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Everyone is different from others. There are differences you may take as disadvantages and suffer all life-long from them. My advice is, lean how to turn your disadvantage into an advantage and never ever care for it again. Here are some questions that pale face girls may ask.

What color eye shadow to have? Use neutral eye shadows according to your eyes color. Because of your lighter skin, shades will look much brighter on your face. Be aware of this and use eye shadow colors accordingly. Neutral colors like light brown or purple will be perfect on pale skin.

Beauty Tips for Girls with a Pale Face

As on a white paper things look better than on any other colored paper, same is about pale face. You don’t need to do more makeup, as it is going to seem much. Little is enough to do its work. Get satisfied with a little eye shadow and you will have a stunning look.

Which eyeliner to use? Go for grey or brown. For you dear these two colors are going to be brilliant. Well, in some cases you can think of black too, but always take into consideration how to eye line with black. Never circle your eyes with black, as a rule it makes eyes look smaller. Get satisfied with lining top corners with black. Follow this pattern and you will not regret.

What about the foundation? Choose porcelain shade for your foundation.  You will have a fabulous look. Avoid from using darker foundations as they are going to give you silly look. Have your natural glow with matching the foundation with your face.

Lip gloss or lipstick? Well, you can use both. More important is taking care of the color. Have a sweet pink. Don’t use dark colors, except red lipstick that will give you a very special look on some special days.

Anything else?  Yes, there are two more things that are must for the girls with pale face.  A little bronzer must be applied below the cheekbones and chin. Light pink can make your look final. Avoid blushing much as it can look as some dirt spots. And also don’t have it on all over your face, it will look sharp on whole face.

Another thing is a cover. It helps not only for pale skin, but also it hides pimples, eye bags, sun damage etc. If you have some freckles, let them show up. They look cute.

Dying hair:  Girls with pale face should take care of the color for dying hair. Hair has much to do with your face look. Don’t dye light red, as it gives a sick look. Better deal with colors such as dark brown and deep red. If you like to have a lighter look, go for honey blond. It gives a sexy look.

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