Stylish Minimalistic Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Woman with cat-eye style eyeliner

The trendsetter is well aware that geometric eyes give an edgy look, being one of the leading trends of spring 2014. The minimalist cat eye makeup is represented at Zadig and Voltaire fashion show, which an easy and a stylish type of makeup for 2014.

If you made up your mind to follow this beautiful trend, you may get inspired by this stylish minimalistic cat eye makeup tutorial. You will surely modernize and refresh your look.

Stylish Minimalistic Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Though this cat eye makeup is quite easy to create, it provides you with a gorgeous and stylish look. Apply little makeup on your face, highlighting your eyes.

1.    To achieve a stylish minimalist makeup look, you should first create a perfect complexion. Go for a facial serum before applying a moisturizer. Choose a moisturizing product, which has a smoothing feature. It will provide your skin with hydration. Then apply a primer to hide the unpleasant pores.

2.    Spread foundation on your face and use a foundation brush to mix it ideally. To get glowy skin, opt for a foundation with a luminous character.

3.    To get rid of skin imperfections, such as blemishes and dark circles, apply concealer. Create another layer with a transparent powder. Opt for a peach blush for your cheekbones.

4.    To make your lips look natural and accentuate its rosy shade, use a sheer lip-gloss.

5.    As for your eyes, choose an eye pencil in a black tone. The gel eyeliner is another choice in the process of creating minimalistic cat eye makeup. Create two lines along the lash line and on the crease and combine them with a wing. Finish your look with a light-toned mascara.

Taking into account this easy tutorial, you will be able to create and enjoy the stylish minimalistic cat eye makeup. 

Stylish Minimalistic Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

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