7 Makeup Tutorials to Try in 2014

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Starting a new year also means making new important decisions that will change your life into a better and changing your look isn’t less important as having a great look means also having a positive perception of everything. Thus, considering all that we decided to present to you some gorgeous makeup tutorials that will help you to update your look and stand out this year! So, let’s see what makeup styles are worth trying in 2014!

7 Makeup Tutorials to Try in 2014

Simple for a Natural Look

One of the main reasons to get motivated to go for a natural makeup style is that not only it doesn’t require a lot of hard work to be done but it has the ability to emphasize natural beauty and save the look from being overwhelming!

The Smokey Eyes Makeup Style

 Let’s accept it smokey eyes are never out of trend! In fact this is a stunning makeup style that can help you either to simply emphasize your sensuality or to achieve the perfect dramatic look for a night out.

Attractive Red Lips

Showing off a perfect modern approach of the timeless classy look of wearing red lips is another great option worth trying this year. Moreover, considering that the new trends suggest wearing red lips with a subtle makeup style we think that there is no better chance to wear the new trend for a casual look!

Glamorous Gold

The perfect choice for a great night out look! It’s trendy, it’s easy and it is the perfect finish touch for a super glamorous look!

Plum Lips

One of the best alternatives for those of you who are tired of wearing red lips can be this new exciting beauty trend of wearing plum lip color! This gorgeous color works the best especially if you want to create a romantic look with a charming allure.

Teal Makeup Tutorial

The teal makeup tutorial is about to become one of the latest obsessions of fashionistas who have brown eyes as this is a makeup style that will put en emphasis on the color of your eyes and make them really pop.

Nude Lips

Wearing a nude color is one of the hardest things to do as there is always the concern of making it work with your skin type. However there is nothing that can make fashionistas to resist the allure of the nude color trend as it’s cute and it’s simply perfect for a soft makeup style!


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