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Category Archives: Makeup

Rock ‘N’ Roll Makeup Tutorial

Woman with dark eye makeup and nude lips

Rock ‘n’ roll makeup has always been considered trendy and beautiful. You are recommended wearing rock ‘n’ roll makeup for a simple but outstanding look, getting inspired by Versace’s show. To get this look, you should highlight your eyes using black eyeliner and apply false lashes. If you want to create the splendid and exquisite […]

Retro-Tropical Makeup Tutorial

Woman with bright orange lips and sensual eye makeup

Milan Fashion Week suggests you wearing retro-tropical makeup to look gorgeous for summer. This bright makeup will provide you with a pretty and an intrepid look. You will surely thrill everyone with your orange lipstick. You may get inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s retro-tropical makeup and feel the 50s touch. You may make your friends feel […]

Easy Natural Ways of Making Your Eyelashes Grow

Closeup of woman's eyes

Now, it’s the right time to put away all kinds of mascara that you have and go for cute, naturally long eyelashes that will perfectly complement your eyes! How? Well, very easy! All you have to do is simply follow some easy steps presented below and soon you’ll start noticing the difference! Ready? Brushing Don’t […]

New Beauty Trend: Berry Lips

Amy Paffrath with pink highlights in hair

If your favorite red lipstick seems a little boring, and you seek for an intrepid look, you may experiment with a new beauty trend. Wear berry lips and your attractive lip color will provide you with a stunning look. There are many celebrities, who rock this new beauty trend. There are various stylish shades of […]

Makeup Tips to Hide a Double Chin

Woman with sleek side parted hair

There are various reasons of having double chin. You may sleep in a bad position or you may just inherit it. However, you shouldn’t get upset, as there are several makeup tips, which will cover the double chin. Besides, these makeup tips are quite effortless and you can do it yourself, without attending salons. Contouring […]