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Mascara Mistakes to Avoid

Wearing mascara isn’t as simple as you think, as there are so many wrong sidess that usually you don’t even notice during the applying process and end up with dry, weird looking lashes. Thus, to stay away from such results check out the main mascara mistakes that you need to avoid and secure your makeup from failure!

Curling your Lashes

Curling your lashes before you apply mascara is quite understandable if you want to create a dramatic look, but remember curling your lashes after applying the product can actually harm your lashes and ruin their healthy look.

Too Many Coats

It is more preferable to stick with a thicker formula than to apply too many coats of mascara, if you want to add extra volume as applying too many coats will make your lashes dry faster and create the illusion of damaged dry lashes.

Pumping the Wand

Well, this is one of the basic rules of using the mascara rightly. So, during the process of the application do not pump the wand in and out of the tube to get more of the mascara as this way you will add air in it, which will make your mascara dry out.

Use of Expired Products

To avoid any kind of inflammation of your eyes we recommend using your mascara for no longer than three months.

Using Mascara on the Ends

Applying mascara on the ends only won’t lead you to the desired results as you need to swipe it from the roots to the ends.


Ok ladies, applying mascara doesn’t require too much time so please try to not apply it too fast in order to avoid unwanted results, such as smudging on the lids, that can ruin the whole effect that you wanted to create at first.

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