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Simple Makeup Tricks to Make Picture-Perfect Face

Simple Makeup Tricks to Make Picture-Perfect Face

Willing to do a makeup that will be the perfect finish touch for a flawless look? Well, check out some simple makeup tricks to make picture-perfect face and achieve results that usually only professional stylists do!

The Illusion of a Flawless Skin

One of the main things that you have to concentrate on is the way your skin looks as the whole success of your makeup depends on that. Thus, to achieve the desired results first of all clean and exfoliate your skin and once you’ve done that apply a light shade of total coverage foundation. Next, work on the second layer using a standard foundation and add a finish touch with the help of a translucent powder.

Simple Makeup Tricks to Make Picture-Perfect Face

Adding Volume to Lips

To achieve perfection start by outlining your lips a bit above your natural lip line using a lip pencil of a darker shade than the one of your lipstick. Now, apply your lipstick on and use a tissue to remove the excess. For a finish touch apply a lip gloss to the center of your lips and wholala!

Concentrating on Nose Area

The trick of creating the perfect nose is one of the easiest ones as it only requires applying darker shades on areas that you want to look slimmer and lighter on areas that you want to emphasize.

The Perfect Cheekbones

Ok, let’s not forget the role that cheekbones play when it comes to creating the perfect makeup! Thus, to not ruin your entire work, follow these easy steps: apply bronzer on the hollows using a big, fluffy brush. Make sure you start from the corner of your mouth and move up if you want to get the perfect results. Now once you’ve done that simply add some color to your cheekbones with the help of a shimmery blush.


Another makeup trick that you’ll definitely love assumes the following! First of all apply a highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and then simply apply any eyeshadow of your preference. Now once you’ve done that grab a white eyeshadow and apply it to the center of your eyelids and the inner corner of your eyes, blend and follow applying white eye pencil in the lower waterline.

Long Lasting Matte Effect

Another important thing that you need to pay attention to if you want to create the picture perfect face is the matte effect. To do so, simply stay away from applying moisturizer to areas that tend to get oily faster. Also, you can ensure better effects by applying a coat of matte cake powder after using a foundation!

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