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3 Party Ponytail Hairstyles to Try This Holiday

In case you are lack of time or money to go to expensive salons to create a fantastic hairstyle, you may go for these 3 party ponytails. It will not take you much time and effort to create these holiday ponytails. Keep your look simple but gorgeous just wearing a twisted ponytail or a pony with stylish braids. Here are the following steps you should follow while trying these party ponytail hairstyles.

Ponytail Hairstyle with Braid

Get your classic look, opting for this simple braided ponytail hairstyle. If you combine the ponytail with the braid, your look will be bewitching. To modernize your ponytail, you may just roll the braid around your pony. You may spice up your hairstyle with a French braid, created in the direction of your hairline.

To get this amazing party hairstyle, you should do the following. Divide your hair into two parts, making the left side thinner. Create a low ponytail with the right side. Plait the left side and adjust the end, using an elastic band. Hide the elastic by rolling the braid around it and adjusting with pins.

The Party Ponytail with Segments

While preparing for a holiday, get inspired by Jennifer Morrison’s and Blake Lively’s segmented ponytail hairstyle. You will look elegant and sophisticated.

Get this look, following these easy steps. Take some hair at the crown of your head, adjusting it with an elastic band. Wrap some hair to hide the elastic, and adjust with pins. Then do the same thing to create another small ponytail. Make the hair between ponies textured, by tugging on them. Finally, you will get a complete ponytail with segments again rolling some piece of hair around the elastics.

The Party Ponytail with Twists

Twists are one of the best ways of updating your ponytail. It will provide you with a party look.

Create this fabulous hairstyle with these easy steps. Apply dry shampoo for texture. In case you have too thin hair, you may go for waves to achieve texture. Sweep your hair to one side and twist it on the opposite direction. Use pins to have your hairstyle in place.

 Dare to wear any of these party ponytail hairstyles and look stunning for this holiday.

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