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Category Archives: Makeup

Makeup Tips to Hide a Double Chin

There are various reasons of having double chin. You may sleep in a bad position or you may just inherit it. However, you shouldn’t get upset, as there are several makeup tips, which will cover the double chin. Besides, these makeup tips are quite effortless and you can do it yourself, without attending salons. Contouring […]

Easy Makeup Tips for Bigger, Brighter Eyes

As we all know, emphasized, bright eyes can be considered the key to success for a perfect makeup. Of course, the dilemma is how to create such effect and at the same time avoid making the whole look overwhelming. Well, believe it or not the solution is quiet easy and doesn’t require a lot of […]

How to Shape Your Own Eyebrows At Home

It’s not obligatory to attend expensive salons in order to shape your eyebrows. You may easily do it at home, taking into account the following essential tips. Find the Starting Point Finding the starting point of your eyebrows is one of the essential things while shaping your own eyebrows at home. Take your tweezers and […]

Great Mascara Tips for Short Eyelashes

Your boyfriend may love your short lashes, but it’s ok to want long, sultry lashes sometimes, too. After all, Priyanka Chopra’s eye broom does look amazing (those lashes could sweep anybody off their feet!). And where there’s a will, there’s a way — as they say — and here at Beauty Frizz, we have lots of will. […]

Homemade Natural Makeup Remover Recipes

It is very pleasant to have a splendid makeup on your face during the whole day. However, it is very essential to use a makeup remover before going to bed. It should be included in your daily makeup program. You are recommended going for homemade natural makeup remover recipes, which save your money greatly. Homemade […]

How to Apply Makeup Correctly

Each woman should know the right techniques of applying makeup. You should follow essential steps in order to achieve a perfect makeup look. Only in this case you will be provided with a long lasting makeup. The Ways of Applying Makeup Correctly are as follows: Clean Your Skin Before applying a makeup, you should purify […]

Makeup Tips for Hiding Skin Scars

To have an ideal skin without any scars is the gift of the nature. Unfortunately, not everyone is awarded with this unique gift. The great part of women comes across this problem and looks for the best solution. Studies show that those skins, which are prone to acne, are more likely to have scars continuously. […]

Bronzer Tips for Dark Skin

Many dark-skinned women avoid applying bronzer. Many of them are embarrassed to use bronzer, considering their skin color. However, they should know what a vigorous and effulgent look they will have applying bronzer. Consider that bronzers will just highlight your brown skin and make it look attractive and a little wild. Get your beachy brightness […]