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How to Keep Your Eyeliner From Running

One of the greatest tools one can find in a woman’s beauty bag, used as a part of the process many call the art of beauty, is the eyeliner. All women would agree though that it comes with a minus, sometimes it’s running. How do we prevent that? Below we’ll discuss a few tricks that shall come handy. Learn how to keep your eyeliner from running!


Does the quality matter? The answer is yes. There are good ones and bad ones. Always make sure that your eyeliner belongs to the former rather than the latter (quality does not always mean high price, although it’s often related).


A lot of times the eyeliner seeps into the little lines below the eye, something that might not be as visually appealing as one might want. How do we stop that from happening? The solution is simple and comes by the name ‘concealer’. By applying it before the eyeliner you will get the lines sort of “filled in” and in addition to that you will have created a visual barrier to where the eyeliner has to stay put.


Another very effective way to prevent the running is the so-called “setting”. What does that actually mean? Choose an eyeshadow in the same tone as your eyeliner, and by using a very thin brush, apply the shadow over the liner. Sometimes wetting the brush helps creating a more dramatic effect that lasts long.

Skin Type

Always keep in mind that different women have different skin types, which means that you will have to be careful choosing the right formula. There are a lot of types of eyeliners. Some come in liquid form others come in gel form, crayon form, pencil form and even soft kohl. In a case of a very oily skin, softer formulas would melt and run much faster than if you used a pencil form for example.


All women know how to get a long lasting lipstick. Eyeliner does not differ at all. You can apply your liner, then smudge it out thoroughly, then apply and smudge it again in order to keep it fresh throughout the day.

Face Powder

Strange to the ear but practical to the eye, is wearing face powder! Once all the eye makeup is applied except mascara, you dip a big fluffy brush into loose powder and apply it lightly over your whole eye and make sure it blends well. With this simple trick you will have all your makeup in place, because your liner will get something to stick to, thus preventing itself from running.

Blocking Oil Production

In order to find out ways to prevent your eyeliner from running you have to know how the human body works. During the day, the skin around the eyes starts producing oil. By carrying oil-blotting sheets you can always be prepared to take action when you start noticing the first signs. That way your eyeliner will stay in place until you decide to wash it off.


Consider giving a try to makeup primer as it helps your eyeliner to last longer and in addition to that intensifies your eye makeup, which is something desired most of the times.

 The Right Formulas

Make sure you use waterproof formulas for your eye makeup. But is it a disaster if you don’t? Of course not! A sealer would make the deal. Use it to seal in your eyeliner and getting rid of the problem once and for all.


 In addition to loose powder, as mentioned above, you can consider applying pressed powder. To do that you will have to use a flat-headed eye shadow brush. Simply apply it to the edge of your lash line to soak up any excess oil. By doing that you will prepare your eyes for makeup and decrease significantly the chances of it running or even fading.

 Petroleum Jelly

Another extraordinary thing that has been around for a while is petroleum jelly. Even though it sounds weird, yet a lot of women claim that it works. Using a Q-tip in a petroleum jelly and rubbing it along the waterline will help to keep the eyeliner in place. Also a more dangerous method, applying it on eyelids, is said to be helpful keeping eye shadow in place. It’s not an easy thing to do, and would require from you to be very careful.

By using all those tricks you can make sure that your eyeliner will never slide away. But no matter what, always remember, you are beautiful!

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