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Best Foods for Gorgeous Hair

To have gorgeous hair is not a dream. The secret lies in the diet you follow, as Dana James claims. Having foods, high in nutrients, increases the chances of having healthy hair. Foods containing fiber and protein are also great for blood circulation. Besides, these healthy foods are fabulous for your nails and eyelashes. Here are the best foods for gorgeous hair.

1.    Healthy Brown Rice

Brown rice is high in biotin. You may get Vitamin B due to this magical brown rice. It will provide your hair with elasticity and diminishes brittleness. Brown hair is also fantastic for your hair follicle and gets rid of the dead cells.

You may use brown rice in your daily meal. You may prepare a tasty soup with it, adding chicken and veggies. You may also enjoy delicious salads with brown rice.

2.    The Benefits of Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is one of the healthy foods for your hair. It is high in Vitamin C and magnesium. It is also packed with sulfur, which will boost up the level of collagen in your body. Swiss Chard gives your skin elasticity and gloss. It also prevents your hair from tangling.

You may enjoy this delicious food with apricots and seeds of sunflower. Pair it with mushrooms, garlic and olive oil.

3.    Beneficial Chia Seeds

To have thick and textured hair, you are advised to opt for chia seeds. Your hair may get healthy omega -3 fats, which increase the elastin and keratin production. They also have a nourishing effect and give gloss to your hair.

Prepare a tasty pudding with chia seeds adding cardamom, cinnamon and pears.

4.    Eggs

By no means, eggs are great for your hair. They are considered one of the beneficial foods. They contain zinc and sulfur. They are also high in choline. Zinc controls the production of oil; sulfur makes the fibers stronger, while choline makes the elasticity better. Egg will help you to fight against the split ends of your hair.

You may just boil the egg, or cook it in coconut oil and throw in an aromatic powder. You may also beat eggs and fry them like a Spanish omelet.

5.    Healthy Figs

Your hair will get the necessary amount of iron with figs. It makes your hair grow quickly. The lack of iron will cause hair loss. Thus, you should eat this food to strengthen your hair.

You will get a delicious food, if you combine figs and Greek Yogurt. It will be tasty if you throw figs in greens.

6.    Grapefruit

This fruit is great to get gorgeous hair. It is rich in Vitamin C, which will nurture your hair. If you don’t include Vitamin C in your diet plan, you will have flabby hair. It will also affect on your lashes. Grapefruit will lengthen your lashes.

You may soak this fantastic food in coconut sugar and prepare a delicious snack. You may use it in salads together with cinnamon and raisins.

7.    Healthy Kale

Kale will make your hair shiny due to its beneficial qualities. Kale is enlarged with magnesium and phytocemicals, which is fantastic for your hair fibers.

Make a smoothie with kale and banana. Add also cinnamon and almond milk. Prepare also salads, using kale and avocado. You may also mix kale with the juice of vegetable.

8.    Beneficial Olives

To provide your hair with animation and quick growth, you should use olives. Vitamin E in olives is great for blood circulation. Its oil will soften your hair and make it elastic. It fights against your dry hair split ends.

Prepare a snack, using kale and olives. This delicious snack is pleasant to enjoy.

9.    Healthy Red Cabbage

Both red cabbage and blueberries are high in anthocyanins. It strengthens your hair and cures the damaged hair. It’s known that the sunrays, chemicals may cause harm to your hair.

Prepare a salad with red cabbage and carrot. You may also put it in other salads, made with kale and avocado.

Include in your diet plan the following best foods to create gorgeous hair.

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