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Celebrity Inspired Wedding Makeup Ideas

Wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life, so it is also important for one to have a flawless look for such event. And of course, who else can be the best source of inspiration if not our beloved celebs? Thus, if you are looking for some makeup tips for your big day, check out the best celebrity makeup styles and get inspired to create the best wedding makeup!

Adele Makeup

Adele’s makeup attracts attention from the very first sight ,as the main focus is placed on eyes, while the rest just creates a balance, which emphasizes her femininity. So, this is one of the best alternatives when it comes to wedding makeup. In fact, it is really easy to do such makeup. The main thing that needs special attention is the graphic line made by the eyeliner, as this will help to create the perfect cat eyes.

Amanda Seyfried Makeup

Another perfect red carpet look that definitely you need to observe while searching for a wedding makeup is the one of Amanda Seyfried. In fact, this makeup is ideal especially for pale skin. Again, as you can see there is a timeless classy makeup style with main focus on delicacy.

Claire Danes Makeup

Golden eyes and dark red lips represent the perfect wedding makeup especially for this season. If you stick with this celebrity style then remember that experts claim that using a lip pencil will guarantee more long-lasting effects.

Dita Von Teese Makeup

Another celebrity makeup style that’s betting on red lips! In fact with vintage themed weddings getting more and more popular, such makeup style would be the perfect choice! So, cat eyes, false lashes, red lipstick and whoala! You are ready to shine on your wedding day!

Freida Pinto Makeup

This celebrity makeup can be the best alternative for women with medium skin tone! As the stylist says brown and chocolate tones work great to emphasize a tanned effect and put the main focus on natural beauty by simply enriching it.

Ginnifer Goodwin Makeup

Is blue your favorite color? Well, you can go for a glittery blue eyeshadow and rock a wedding look inspired by our favorite star Ginnifer Goodwin! Thus, combine a shiny blue eyeshadow with bronze shades, use a black pencil to add more dramatic touch to the whole style and create a perfectly balanced wedding makeup!

Jennifer Lawrence Makeup

A comparably bolder wedding makeup can be this one inspired by young and stunning Jennifer Lawrence. Thus, smudged effect on eyes, greyish shades on upper lips and bright pinkish lipstick are the key to success!

Jennifer Lopez Makeup

Focus on eyes again thanks to the dramatic effect created by shimmery brown and dark black eyeshadows and all this perfectly balanced with a soft neutral lipstick! The perfect wedding look!

Jessica Alba Makeup

This makeup style can be the best option for those of you who have a sun-kissed skin color as the matte orange lipstick will perfectly enrich the entire look by adding a tropical touch to it. And as you can see eyes appear comparably lighter which creates the needed balance.

Katy Perry Makeup

One of the softest, feminine looks which would be a great choice for a wedding makeup as well! Soft sultry eye makeup and mauve pink lipstick, what else does a bridal makeup need in order to create a flawless look?

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