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Winter 2013-2014 Nail Art Trends

Two models with manicures

Nail art is something that always interests almost all fashionistas as it is one of the best ways to express not only your sense of style but you mood as well! So, do not miss the chance to get informed about nail art trends for this winter 2013-2014!

Lace Nail Art

This is a nail art trend showed off by Miss Pop for Emerson’s fall 2013 show and it assumes creating a lace effect by drawing dots and diagonal grids.

2014 Nail Art Trends

Stiletto Nail Art

Another nail designing trend that has the greatest chances to hit the top places on fashion charts! This creative nail design assumes the following: long stiletto shape of nails with colorful dots on. For better results stylists suggest embellishing the stiletto nails with dots of two contrasting colors, such as black and white.

2014 Nail Art Trends

Natural Nails

You might be surprised to find natural nails as an option in the list of the nail art trends for this fall, but as the experts explain showing some skin not only helps to match your nail art with any outfit but also appears to be a minimalistic way to attract attention, which takes a step forward in the fashion trends.

2014 Nail Art Trends

Graphic Nail Art

Yes, they still remain at the top charts of nail art trends, so if you want to try graphic looks then there is a chance to do so!

2014 Nail Art Trends

Surreal Nail Art

Surreal nail art trend is a great chance to set your imagination free and try different cool designs that will make you steal the spotlight! Thus, draw interesting pictures such as expressive eyes, lips or other abstract designs and prove your creativity skills!

2014 Nail Art Trends

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