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Retro-Tropical Makeup Tutorial

Milan Fashion Week suggests you wearing retro-tropical makeup to look gorgeous for summer. This bright makeup will provide you with a pretty and an intrepid look. You will surely thrill everyone with your orange lipstick. You may get inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s retro-tropical makeup and feel the 50s touch. You may make your friends feel an overwhelming astonishment, pairing your makeup with a swimwear in a vintage style. Here is the retro-tropical makeup tutorial.

1.    Make Your Skin Get Ready for the Makeup

Before going for the retro-tropical makeup, you should consider this essential tip. Your skin should be ready for this makeup. That’s why you should rinse your face and provide it with hydration, using moisturizing products. This makeup trick will help you enjoy your makeup during the whole day.

2.    Apply Foundation

To achieve a good result while wearing the retro-tropical makeup, you should have a perfect skin. Go for a foundation and opt for a shade, which doesn’t differ from your skin tone. You may use either your fingers or a brush to apply it on your face. If you want to hide the dark circles under your eyes, you may apply concealer. Just mix it properly with your foundation.

3.    Contour Your Look

Contouring is very essential to create a tropical makeup. You should apply bronzer on your jawline and forehead. This will help you have a tropical makeup.

4.    Apply Blush

For a retro-tropical makeup, you should highlight your cheeks with an orange blush. It will give your look a pleasant glow.

5.    Highlight Your Eyebrows

As for your brows, you are recommended applying an eyebrow pencil. Choose a shade, which is very close to your hair color to create a natural look.

6.    Work with Your Eyes

To create a retro-tropical makeup, you shouldn’t forget about your eyes. Take an eye pencil in a coffee tone and begin lining your eyes. Then, apply an eyeshadow in a brown tone on your lids.

7.    Mascara

To achieve your desired makeup, you should apply a high quality mascara on your lashes. You may also use a curling tool to make your lashes look longer. False lashes may also help you highlight your eyes.

8.    Lipstick

To complete your stunning beauty, you should outline your lips with a lip liner in an orange shade. Then, you should wear the orange lipstick with the help of a brush.

Retro-tropical makeup is the trend of spring 2014. If done properly, you will get a feminine and eccentric look.

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