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How to Remove Makeup Properly

There are two main activities to do for removing makeup. First is removing the makeup with a makeup remover that contains oil. Let a cotton ball get soaked after putting it into the mass. Then apply it on your face thoroughly.  Oil is doing the main work in it, it breaks the makeup down.

For the second thing we need a face wash which contains no oil. It should also be fitted to your skin type, so you can try it on some other part of your body to see how your skin reacts. The face wash also must be washed off with water which should be lukewarm to avoid breaking blood vessels. Pat dry with a towel, don’t rub it over otherwise rushes and red lines may occur.

If you are struggling with a waterproof mascara, take a cotton disc again get it remover soaked and then put it on your eye for 10 seconds then wipe the area gently. Eye makeup remover must be hypoallergenic and oil-free. Eye is the gentlest part on the face, and it can be easily irritated with its sensitive area. So be very gentle while working on eyes.

There are wet wipes meant for face. Avoid using them for every occasion. Those are rubbing the makeup all around the face and don’t clean it properly. Don’t use them for cleansing face from makeup.

Cleansing twice every evening provides a clean and healthy skin.

Don’t afraid to go till edges. While cleansing with cotton reach the hair part from the top and neck from the bottom.

If you have an electric brush, do exfoliations a couple of times in a week.  Along with cleansing face from dirt, it dislodges dead skin cells.

And don’t forget to read on the face wash tube and makeup-removing container to find out if it is for your skin. There are for dry, sensitive, oily and normal skin.

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