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Common Eye Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making Now

There are some eye makeup mistakes you can notice on others. What you need to know is that every single lady does makeup but not each has professional knowledge for makeup. Here are some common eye makeup mistakes that you might be doing on your face.

First of all it is important to remember that each face is different from other. Makeup has a lot to do with face shape – oval, round, square etc., eye size and so on. If you see a model having a super makeup on in your journal, you are not assured you will have the same super look with doing the same makeup on your face.

Along with face shape and eye size, eye color is the next most important thing to take care of while choosing a color for your eye makeup.

Here are few standards you can follow!

If you have small eyes, your makeup needs to make your eyes look bigger to fit your face.

Electric blue is not an eye makeup color. Wearing electric blue dress doesn’t mean you have no other choice for your eye makeup color. There are tastier blue shades that will give a better look and can make whole your day.

Glossy eyes are looking nice in limits. Don’t lose your sense of limiting sparkling makeup on time. Don’t make your eyes glitter too much. See if your eyes are accentuated more than other parts on your face. Let it look natural.

Above all, you need people to see your eyes.  Sometimes you may use eyeliner too thick. Be thankful for the beauty that God gave. Never try to make yourself something else with makeup. Avoid too thick and heavy eyeliners. They are not going to express your eye beauty but to cover it.

Eyelashes’ makeup is part of your eye makeup. Eyelashes shouldn’t be painted. Keep them natural with little makeup.

Just like using little makeup, using much makeup also can look awkward. Don’t make it look awkward using several colors at a time. You can mix several colors to get a perfect combination for your look.

You may have some good advisers who are honest with you and can tell you when you make some mistakes. Mistakes are for humans and it is normal to make mistakes, but making the same mistakes again and again will not let us improve.

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