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How to Get Rid of Razor Burn in the Bikini Area

It’s not pleasant to have razor burn in your bikini area when you are going to enjoy your time on the beach. In case of a sensitive skin, you should be very careful while using razor.

The success of your beauty lies in this skin problem, as well. Here are several ways to get rid of razor burn in the bikini area. It’s very essential to take a good care of your skin rather than to cure the affected area later.

The Best Ways of Getting Rid of Razor Burn in the Bikini Area

If your skin is inclined to razor burn, you had better carry out several steps just after shaving process. For a sensitive type of skin, you are advised to use Neosporin, which is a great antibiotic. You may also use other products, which are high in salicylic or glycolic acids. It will treat the red bumps and acne, providing you with a clear skin. Look for products, which are rich in tea tree oil.

If you don’t want to use antibiotics, you may go for the gel of Aloe Vera, as a natural remedy for the razor burn in the bikini area. It will moisturize your skin and treat the burnt area. You may also opt for sour cream and oatmeal paste to get rid of razor burn. You may also apply cornstarch on your skin and after waiting for 20 minutes, rinse it.

Hydrocortisone cream comes to treat red bumps after using it for 2 or 3 days continuously. Retinoid will make the unpleasant scars disappear from your skin.

What to Avoid in Case of Razor Burn in the Bikini Area

You should also skip several things in order not to make your state worse and cause infections. Avoid shaving, if you still have this problem, as it may cause more irritation and may be a reason of spreading bacteria.

Go for soft and loose underwear. Your pants shouldn’t be tight in order not to cause more damage to the burnt area. You are recommended avoiding extreme heat and moisture. Thus, don’t take showers or baths in hot water. Stay away from saunas and jacuzzis for a while, if you want to get rid of razor burn in the bikini area.

Best Ways to Prevent Razor Burn in the Bikini Area

In order not to face razor burn in the bikini area, you should take into account the importance of exfoliation. You should exfoliate your skin beforehand, and only after it you are advised to get rid of the undesired hair.

Moisturizing your skin is also one of the essential tips you should follow. Apply a shave cream with a moisturizing effect and then take your razor.

If the razor burn appears quite frequently, you had better opt for facial cleansers, high in salicylic acid. Apply this product before shaving and complete with the use of an antibiotic ointment.

Thus, you are already aware of the best ways of getting rid of razor burn in the bikini area. Use them and feel quite comfortable on the beach.

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