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How to Protect Eyelashes from Damage

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Tired of dealing with damaged eyelashes that easily tend to get weaker and thinner? Well, here we have something you might like to know about this topic! Follow reading below and find out how you can protect your eyelashes from any kind of damage!

Wearing Mascara

No matter how you love the effects that mascara creates you need to avoid wearing it on a daily basis as they appear to be very harmful for your eyelashes! Try to keep the mascara for special occasions and only and you will take the protection of your eyelashes to the maximum level!

How to Protect Eyelashes from Damage

Wearing Waterproof Mascara

Well we could not mention mascara without especially mentioning waterproof mascara as this formula can cause worse damages than regular ones do. So, please avoid wearing waterproof mascara whenever possible as well.


Apply some Vaseline on your eyelashes every two or three times a week and you will not regret it as very soon you will notice the improvement of the condition!

Lash Serum

Lash serums not only aid to fasten the growth of your lashes but also they are well-known for perfectly nourishing them. So, apply lash serum on the days that you won’t go for Vaseline or use it to remove your mascara whenever needed.

Keeping Your Hands Clean

Another very important thing that you have to consider if you want to protect your eyelashes from any kind of damage is keeping your hands clean. This way not only you will protect your eyelashes but also you will make sure your eyes won’t get easily infected.

Avoid Extensions

Among the best ways of protecting your eyelashes from damage is avoiding using eyelash extensions as they will stick to your natural, harm them or even worse make some of your natural eyelashes fall.

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