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Style Tips to Hide Big Ears

Having big ears may really affect on your self-confidence. You will look for various ways to hide them, even surgery. However, there are several style tips to hide big ears, which are worth giving a try.

You may go for the proper haircut, choose right accessories, or even go for a double-stick tape. They are all among the easiest ways of hiding big ears.

 Create the Proper Hairstyle

Never put your tresses behind your big ears, as in this way, you will make your ears stand out in an unpleasant way. You may just opt for certain hairstyles, which will conceal your stuck out ears.

You may wear not only long locks but also short hairstyles. Consider only that you should make your hair come over your big ears. Stay away from ponytails, as they will highlight your big ears.

If your hair is thick, create layers, while in case of thin hair, you should go for curls. You may also add extra texture, using a hair dryer.  All these styles will hide your big ears and give you a stunning look.

Wear Accessories

Accessories are not only trendy but they are able to carry out other functions, as well. For instance, hats with wide brims will hide your big ears. Flat hats will also crete wonder.

If it’s hot outside and you can’t pull off a hat, you may try sunglasses. They are one of your best friends to hide big ears. You had better choose oversized sunglasses without ignoring your face shape.

Earrings may also play a great part, if you desire to hide your big ears. Go for big earrings, such as chandelier ones, as they will diminish your ears. In cold weather, there are special ear warmers that may help you hide your big ears.

Thus, if you choose accessories to solve your ear problem, you should opt for bigger ones, such as big pins or headbands.

The Right Way of Hiding Your Big Ear in Pictures

In case you don’t find hats and glasses worth wearing while taking photos, you should go for another stylish tip. Do not look directly at the camera, instead take a photo from the side and your big ears will look smaller. You may also turn your make an angle with your head and have splendid photos, making the size of your ears invisible.

Apply Double-Sided Tape

You don’t have to forget about updo hairstyles, if your ears are big. You just need to try a simple style tip and look fabulous on any occasion. Applying double-sided tapes will temporary hide your big ears. To carry out this tip, you don’t have to make any effort. You should only take into account the type of stick and go for a waterproof variant, as you will face no difficulty in removing it.

Style Tips to Hide Big Ears for Men

Men may also be ashamed of their big ears and they may desire to hide them. As for men, they may create sideburns, which will greatly help them get rid of their protruding ears. Sideburns may be both long and short. Thus, men had better choose this style tip, instead of beards, which don’t diminish ears.

Don’t be embarrassed with your stuck out ears, as you may get inspired by these style tips to hide big ears.

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