5 Alternative Cat-Eye Looks You’d Like to Try

Woman with cat eye makeup

The cat eye makeup style is never our of trend in fact each time we spot a new interesting approach of the look which makes us even more excited about it. Moreover, having the unique approaches of the cat eye look dominating on the list of the hottest makeup trends for spring 2014 is another good reason to include the cat eye look in your top list of makeup looks for the upcoming season.

In fact to make it a lot easier for you, here we present to you five alternative cat-eye looks that you’d definitely like to try!

Alternative Cat-Eye Looks You'd Like to Try

Cubed Eyeliner for the Perfect Cat Eye Look

A minimalistic approach of the classic cat-eye style with guaranteed effects! This gorgeous style can be the best option to go for whether you go casual or occasional as works the best with any style!

Cat-Eye Look: Dramatic Effect

Inspired by 17’s High drama this daring cat-eye style is the best option for those of you who want to create an edgy look that will make you stand out of the crowd this spring 2014!

Alternative Cat-Eye Looks You'd Like to Try

The Triangular Cat-Eye Style

Another gorgeous alternative of the famous cat-eye look that you can easily go for as all it requires is a black liquid eyeliner!

Reversed Cat-Eye

Among the most popular makeup trends for this spring 2014 appears to be the reversed cat-eye look. This is a statement making style that appears to be a great way of adding a futuristic touch to the entire look!

Cobalt Blue Cat-Eye Look

Another jaw-dropping, dramatic look that will perfectly emphasize your eyes and leave an unforgettable impact!


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