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Beauty Guide to Wearing Colored Eyeliner

Model with blue eyeliner

As spring is almost there it is a perfect time to do some changes. Some may think of starting a new life, some may buy a new dress but I would say “Why not start with eyes.” Before being a must, doing makeup is fun. And eye lining is the most fun in makeup.

For some makeup experiences we try on colored eyeliners and in some case it can make us scare to take too bright or bold colored eyeliners into consideration. This year as it has been proven main stress is on colored eyeliners.

Choosing a right color for eyeliner is a little confusing. You may think of some bright colors but which exactly, that can be tricky.

Nude lips and neutral face can help to let your eyes scream.

Beauty Guide to Wearing Colored Eyeliner

How to use bright colored eyeliner

 First thing you should do is choosing a color that matches with your eyes color and with your skin tone. For the people who have blue eyes can use dark blue eyeliner to make their eyes pop. People with brown eyes are suggested to put brown shade eyeliners on.

Certain shades will make a good look while adding black or blue on certain colors will make your eye makeup look more stunning.

Mascara: This season it is very fashionable for the lashes to be long. Lengthen you lashes as long as possible and mascara your bottom lashes too. This is going to give you “opened eyes” look. It will also make your eyes look bigger; don’t be scared of looking too bold. This is how it should be.

Beauty Guide to Wearing Colored Eyeliner

Eyebrow Gel: Instead of using eyebrow pencil, use a bit of clear gel on your brows to make them unmovable and on trend.

Accompanying other makeup tools and items with eye makeup ones you can get a perfect harmony on your face for this spring.

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