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Category Archives: Makeup

Applying Blush Based On Your Face Shape

Woman applying blush

We struggle to find just the perfect shade of blush to give our faces that youthful flush without looking severely sunburned, but did you know that your application technique and placement matters too? We are not talking about contouring or strobing or anything too complicated. I am referring to applying the blush color based on […]

Brand Review: Sonia Kashuk

While the Sonia Kashuk brand does have their own website, the products are available exclusively at Target. The brand offers a full makeup line in addition to body and skin care products. Some of her best-known products are her unique makeup bags as well as her high-quality but affordable brushes. In fact, I love the […]

How Much Makeup is Considered Professional?

Woman applying makeup

If you look around almost any office, you will find all sorts of preferred makeup styles, from the basic minimalist wearing lip balm and possibly mascara to the one that looks ready for the runway with her contouring, her baking, and her false eyelashes.  But what amount of makeup is considered ‘professional’ enough? Obviously, that […]

Do 3-In-1 Products Really Exist?

Woman applying makeup

In my efforts to minimalize, I’ve been looking into the 3-in-1 concept. I am referring to the makeup sticks or pencils that can be used as eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. The most popular version of this concept is NARS The Multiple. While I love the idea, and this product is well-loved, I’m not convinced that […]

What are the Types of Eyeliners?

Woman applying eyeliner

Just when you thought selecting a color was difficult enough, we also have the formulations to consider.  The combination can be staggering!  Let’s visit some of the basic eyeliner formulas and types. Pencil – The pencil type is usually the easiest to work with and the most straightforward to learn. The technique can vary widely, but […]

Why is Contouring All the Rage and How Do I Get Started?

Woman holding makeup brushes

I’m sure that by now you have noticed that contouring is everywhere.  If you are unaware, the art of contour makeup is to enhance your features by creating brightness (highlighting) and shadow (contouring) with lighter and darker shades.  It is a very simple concept practiced by artists since art was invented but it seems to […]

What is Your Go-To Look for Makeup?

Woman applying makeup

Do you like to mix it up every day? Most of us like variety to a certain degree. I know that I don’t wear the same look to work on Monday morning that I wore to the grocery store on Saturday afternoon. If I wake up early on Tuesday, I might even change up the […]

How Do I Apply Eye Makeup Based on my Eye Shape?

Stylist applying eyeshadow

From the makeup counters to the YouTube videos, everyone has an opinion about choosing eye makeup colors based on eye color.  It is typically the opposite shades on the color wheel, for example, peach and copper can bring out the blue in hazel eyes.  However, when we apply the chosen colors, did you know that […]

An Overview of Subscription Boxes Services

Woman opening a gift box

What beauty junkie wouldn’t love a service that delivers monthly goodies to your door? Did you know that there are countless ways to obtain such a wonderful little surprise? Birchbox is one of the original services. For $10.00 per month, they ship samples based on your profile. You can also add full-size products from their […]

Brand Review: Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.)

Woman holding a makeup brush

By now you have more than likely heard of Eyes Lips Face, also known as ELF Cosmetics. It is a low-cost brand that can be found online as well as in Target stores. They are primarily known for their makeup but have recently introduced a skincare line as well. My absolute favorite part of the […]