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How Much Makeup is Considered Professional?

Woman applying makeup

If you look around almost any office, you will find all sorts of preferred makeup styles, from the basic minimalist wearing lip balm and possibly mascara to the one that looks ready for the runway with her contouring, her baking, and her false eyelashes.  But what amount of makeup is considered ‘professional’ enough?

Obviously, that is a personal and subjective question, and dependent on your particular job.  A physical education teacher at an elementary school is better off not wearing three different kinds of contour powder however the Chief Financial Officer of a bank is probably going to want a little more than simple SPF.

Personally, mine is somewhere in the middle.  My normal routine consists of an eyeshadow primer to at least even out the eye area, a light application of liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, concealer if necessary, blush, mascara, tinted lip balm, and usually a taupe-toned eyeshadow.  If the Texas summer is in full swing, I might powder my T-zone just a little.  This six- to seven-product routine goes on in less than five minutes and leaves my skin tone even, gives my eyes definition, and adds a touch of color to my cheeks and lips.  For reference — I work in a very corporate environment and have left my thirties in the past.  And I most assuredly try to avoid anything with obvious sparkle or glitter.

I realize that some women are not comfortable going to the grocery store without something on their face, but that is not really me.

My ultimate tip for choosing your professional makeup is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.  If the makeup you apply (or don’t apply) gets you ready to conquer your day, then that is professional enough for anyone!

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